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Our enterprise

I started my activity as a road haulage contractor in 1983 with an IFA W50-type truck. By means of continuous developments, the stock increased to 8 trucks.

The constantly growing market, the increase of concurrence and the advanced technical specifications and regulations concerning environmental protection incited my enterprise to change the old trucks which already worked by causing loss of money.
The exchange of the machine stock began in 1999 with the bringing of a new EURO2 Mercedes into action. This was followed by the purchase of one EURO3 Mercedes Atego in 2000 and the purchase of one EURO3 Scania, side by side with which two old trucks were withdrawn from circulation.

The development of the machine stock was not enough to make us able to keep and ameliorate our market position, the reformation of the controlling system was necessary as well, so we performed an innovation in informatics in 2002.
We transport the goods of our partners between 0 and 24 tons whether it be loose cargo, goods par europallet or other form of transport according to individual necessities. For this, 4 IFA, 2 Mercedes and one Scania auto-charger trucks are available in our machine park, and these trucks can be supplemented with diverse (fix, tilting, etc.) depending on the actual commission, furthermore, we undertake loading as well.
The number of our orders increases each year, we constantly establish connections and pay much attention to our already extant partners. The tension of my enterprise lies in the range of services which is always formed according to the demands of the customers and in the flexible adaptability which finds solution to every claim.

There are several superior customers (Marillen Ltd., Persped Ltd., Transport of the Budapest Neighbourhood Ltd., R. Nagy Tüzép Ltd., Akker Plusz Ltd., Horváth Transz), beside which we carry out residential and entrepreneurial ad hoc engagement agreements.



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